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Tetsudo has it's roots in Eastern arts passed onto our Guru by his master, Maha Ustad Mastambo Tetsura.

Maha Ustad Tetsura was of Tibetan origin and travelled extensively in the East training under many distinguished masters in different disciplines of martial arts. As he developed in his understanding of these arts he identified a common underpinning that could be applied to each style. Maha Ustad Tetsura wanted to bring out of this common underpinning an art that could reach each individual. This would lead to his teachings to Guru Dhaliwal, sole student of Maha Ustad Tetsura.

Guru Dhaliwal was a young man living in the UK when he began his intensive training which he collected together and termed simply 'The Artform'. Later this became the art of Goyararu and classes were opened up around central England.

A difference of opinion in the senior members of Goyararu lead to a division and the art was renamed Tetsudo, in honour of Maha Ustad Tetsura.

Tetsudo is a complete martial system that develops the Mind, Body and Spirit. Founded on the Maha Ustad's experience in martial, non-martial and philosophies of his own students of this artform will find a rich and effective training experience.

Local History

There was previously a Goyararu club in the surrounding region before closing prior to the Art Form change to Tetsudo, leaving the city without a local club for many years.
Tetsudo then came to Sheffield in 2009 with humble beginnings. Training with only 1 student on a Thursday in a church hall in Woodseats.

As the club developed more students were attracted to the classes and it soon became a thriving class.

The region had been without a club for many years and some former practitioners living in the area had been lost to the artform.

These former colleagues were attracted back to Tetsudo and the Thursday class developed into a senior class.

A second club was then opened in Walkley, first for only beginners before expanding to train all levels of students.
This was later closed in October 2015, with a new club in the Woodseats hall opening on Monday nights for all levels of students.
Sheffield has a great lineage in the art of Tetsudo, with Ustad Dev Dhaliwal and Ustad Arun Dhaliwal teaching and training in the clubs. As the sons of Guru Dhaliwal these give unique insights into the artform and it's application.

We now have 5 black belt instructors in the region: Ustad Arun Dhaliwal, Ustadan Dev Dhaliwal, Ustad Jen Dhaliwal, Ustad Lee Day and Ustad Jon Dungworth.
Sheffield now has 2 clubs, 1 for all levels and one senior club.
Demonstrations are organised from time to time and social get togethers in the city as well as the events with the national Association are commonplace.