Tetsudologo main

With its roots in Tibetan and Eastern martial arts the art has been taught and developed within the UK for over 65 years.

As an artform, Tetsudo brings together the mind, body and spirit to develop focus, control and technique.

In Tetsudo you'll build fitness, confidence and ability.

You will learn working, practical self defence, in Tetsudo you won't be taught tricks.

Suitable for all levels from beginners in martial arts to established practitioners.
Classes are low cost but high quality, the first class is always free.

In Tetsudo classes in Sheffield we utilise formal techniques, freestyle, stick work and self defence to provide tools for life.

Classes are supportive and friendly and open to all.

In an environment filled with a variety of choices of MMA, Karate, Kick-boxing and fitness classes the question is why choose Tetsudo?

As you browse through these pages I hope you will see that Tetsudo is a Martial Art: an artform that stays true to martial heritage but can enrich and develop aspects of everyday life.