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Foundation Techniques

Foundation techniques are the cornerstone of a martial art.
They develop the punches, kicks and movements that enable advanced applications, flowing freestyle and effective self defence.
These include postures and blocks and bringing into play the whole body to achieve the goal.

These techniques will stay with you throughout your training life, developing alongside you as you learn more advanced applications.
Diligence should be paid to the foundations on which you build your art.

In Tetsudo we don't use confusing non-tangible names to our techniques, we have no "Stinging scorpian eats lazy crab", a kick to the front is a front kick, a punch forwards is a lunge or reverse punch.
Learning to use your body in an effective and possibly new way can be mentally consuming as it is without the need for over-elaborative technique names.

A new student in Tetsudo can expect to develop in the first few weeks the following techniques:

  • punches lunge and reverse
  • front posture
  • front kick
  • head, chest and leg blocks
  • side kick
  • horse posture
  • self defence concepts