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Freestyle is similar to sparring in other arts.
A chance to practice techniques against an opponent in the controlled environment of a class.

There are 3 types of freestyle used:

  • Compromise
  • Fusion
  • Competitive
Compromise is the type most commonly practised within the classes.
Rather than fighting an opponent here you are becoming both teacher and pupil as you practice techniques to each other displaying control and respect. There is no point scoring system, you are allowing your opposite to enact their techniques and they do likewise. At an early level it improves confidence, focus and control. At an advanced stage it becomes a whirlwind of energy and movement and is a spectacle to watch. At every level the practice is done with enjoyment as a primary goal.

Competitive is the real point scoring system whereby control is demonstrated but each technique is designed to gain you the edge and win the point.

Fusion sits between compromise and competitive with flow and control being demonstrated but techniques are now focussed for a point.

Click the video below to watch students of varying degrees of experience from beginner to more senior level practice compromise freestyle.